• 2015



    Creation of our first Myscreen application

  • 2016 (feb)


    Myscreen is the first application to be published on the app gallery!


    2016 (feb)

  • 2016 (may)



    Beginning of the creation of the Mywork platform

  • 2016 (June)

    First sales

    First sale


    2016 (June)

  • 2017 (Jan)


    Spark V1

    First partnership

    with Xerox & Cisco

  • 2017 (Feb)

    SmartScan V1

    Creating the first Mywork scan application


    2017 (Feb)

  • 2017 (June)

  • 2017 (Sept)

    Deal Mywork EASY

    First big signature for the Mywork EASY app


    2017 (Sept)

  • 2017 (oct)


    PAB Forum Webster

    Presentation of Myworkplatform in New York in front of all US sellers

  • 2018 (Feb)

    Mywork V2

    Launch of our new products with a real “go to market”


    2018 (Feb)

Guillaume Tilleul

Guillaume Tilleul


The founder, Guillaume Tilleul, is a geek at heart and is passionate about innovation.

After a few years of climbing the corporate ladder at IBM, he is now pursuing his passion: entrepreneurship. First and foremost, in the sale of products and the creation of music broadcasting management software dedicated, for example, to radio programming; then, the launch of an audiovisual marketing project aimed at promoting local businesses.

In 2014, he hoped to use his experience for the benefit of the XEROX brand by proposing to develop industry-specific applications for Xerox printers.

Virtually limitless, he loves to dream about developing projects that will help users, each more innovative than the last. After going through steps for the PAB Xerox certifications, he is now at your service to achieve your document management ideals in the broadest sense!

Stéphanie Jaivenois

Stéphanie Jaivenois


His long-time sidekick, Stéphanie Jaivenois, much more pragmatic and realistic, is his "right-hand man" in framing his ideas, methodology and organization. In charge of back office services and project management, she is at your disposal for receiving all of your requests and to ensure their follow-up.

Philippe Candido

Philippe Candido


The third pillar is Philippe Candido, Guillaume Tilleul’s long-time "partner-in-crime," who complements him well since they have the same professional profile. A few years ago, they set up an innovation-based structure within IBM that uses a set of open-source tools and simplifies processes. Philippe is more specialized in computer architecture and monitoring...

A team of developers and technicians work together to ensure project development and technical follow-up