Coming soon ! The ability to sign directly from your PC your documents via our virtual printer!

Myworkplatform now offers a virtual printer that can convert documents into Word, Excell & PowerPoint, translate your documents, convert them to MP3s, add your general sales conditions to the back and now sign your documents directly from this virtual printer. .
It is also soon possible to send your EIDAS Electronic Recommended with this printer

How Interparking transformed one of its business workflows

The Open Concession and its strategic partner MyworkPlatform have combined their expertise to enable Interparking to respond to an operational problem and thus simplify one of its business processes!

The initial objective was to facilitate the documentary exchanges with their clients. How do you wonder? Let us explain in more detail…

Before you benefit from the solution

The receipt of requests several steps, requiring multiple tasks: telephone reception the application for a rental, then preparation of a paper contract, visit of the client to the agency in order to sign the so-called contract, and finally archiving paper from the latter. The processing times for these different steps were long and several days passed. In addition, the client often had additional requests once they arrived on site, which triggered the again a relaunch of the process at its starting point…

Time saving and efficiency Operational… on the way to a new Digital process!

In order to save time for Interparking and its customers, we have been working on a solution electronic signature, designed by MyWork Platform.

In this case the workflow was entirely dematerialized and personalized through the integration of webservices within the Interparking's business application.

From now on, Interparking's advisor is in able to capture the customer's request in real time, prepare a contract that is sent electronically with a system e-mail authentication. Probation value signature workflow starts then and, at the end of the day, both the client and the advisor receive a real-time acknowledgement indicating the signature or possible refusal to sign.

Once the document is signed, it is automatically indexed and electronically archived in the business software society.

Overall processing times have been reduced by 30% and both productivity and process integrity are significantly improved. The service provided is more professional and the rate of filling the car parks through reservations is increased.

This solution can also be integrated Xerox MPS offered by Open, and then also generate a signature workflow for a document scanned from the MFP.

Xerox multifunctions become more than just copiers and printers, they are at the center of flow convergence and process optimization!

"We are the company Interparking France (parking lot management) and to facilitate the management of our customer contracts and thus remove the paper version of the contracts, we have approached the companies Open – MyWorkPlatform to combine their digital signature solution. We have long been looking for a provider with an offer that can be easily integrated via web service.
In addition to subscriber contracts we also use their solution for any other internal or external document that requires signature.
The MyWorkPlatform combination with our AKIS subscriber management solution was very easy in less than a month (testing and putting it into production). Their team was very responsive and knew very easily to adapt to our needs."

Joel Deschatres – IT Manager – Interparking Australia

With Myworkplatform & connective, electronically sign your documents from Xerox printers.

Thanks to the partnership between Myworkplatform and connective, it is now possible to affix an electronic signature on a document directly from a Xerox printer

Atlanta – [07/05/2019] – Mywork E-sign is now available on the Xerox ecommerce platform. This new application allows you to electronically sign documents on all Xerox printers. To do this, Myworkplatform, a Xerox certified developer, has chosen the connective eSignatures electronic signature solution.

Your Xerox printer makes your digital transition easier

In a constantly evolving digital world, companies invest a lot in the digital transformation of their operations in order to optimize and secure the flow of documents and information within the organization. Despite great advances in this area, paper still predominates for many documents such as contracts, invoices, receipts, etc. Moving to the cloud to manage these documents remains a constraint and a challenge for many companies.

It was in this context that Xerox wondered how traditional printing companies could foster this innovation among their customers and make it a key part of their strategy. Adopting a new approach, Xerox has expanded its portfolio of services to complement its paper offerings with digital services to improve workflows across many organizations. The latest in this innovative offer, the Mywork E-sign solution, developed by Myworkplatform. This feature allows companies with a Xerox printer to scan paper documents and immediately affix an electronic signature to them directly from the device. Xerox will greatly facilitate the task of companies wishing to digitize all documents still received on paper.

Guillaume Tilleul, CEO of Myworkplatform, explains:

“Despite the growing popularity of digital documents, printing solutions are often very obsolete. Xerox is now the first company in the world to offer such an innovative solution for electronic signature of documents on a printer. »

Use cases

The Mywork E-sign app can now be downloaded from the Xerox application Gallery. Once downloaded, it is automatically installed on the Xerox printer. Very simple to configure, it is then ready to use.

When you receive a paper document, it’s easy to scan it on the Xerox printer. The worker concerned can sign it immediately in the Mywork E-sign application, or send it to one or more people to sign it. The Mywork E-sign application allows you to select multiple signature modes and different levels of security depending on the type of document, the experience of the user concerned and the associated risks.

It is no longer necessary to manually sign, scan, or print documents. The entire signature stream is digitally managed by the Xerox printer, and it is possible to archive documents immediately in the cloud.

This innovative solution is available for all types of companies. Myworkplatform also provides a set of professional services to directly integrate electronic signatures into your signature streams using the Myworkplatform Web services.

Mywork E-sign was developed by Myworkplatform in close collaboration with connective

For the Mywork E-Sign feature, Myworkplatfom chose connective’s eSignatures solution.

“This solution respects, even beyond, some of the strictest safety standards in the United States, the European Union and the world: the RGPD, the eIDAS regulation, the UETA law and the e-sign law. Thus, we are able to guarantee that the documents cannot be altered or falsified. In addition, connective puts the user experience at the heart of the design of its solutions, which allows us to offer the highest level of security, without compromising the ease of use, concludes Guillaume Tilleul.

Magali Biron, marketing and partnerships Director:

At connective, our goal is to provide our clients with the appropriate solutions to succeed in their digital transformation, a vision we share with Myworkplatform and Xerox. The launch of Mywork E-sign is a perfect match to this ambition as it allows all Xerox customers to electronically sign their documents with a legal signature, all from their Xerox printer. »

About Myworkplatform

Myworkplatform is one of nine developers of the Xerox certified personal Builder (PAB) program, thanks to which, since 2015, Xerox has benefited its customers from its long experience in offering ready-to-use or customized solutions on its Printers. These tools are designed to take full advantage of Xerox printers and to make every user, regardless of their function, benefit from a high level of ease of use. For more information, visit the website

Press contact:

Guillaume Tilleul, CEO of Myworkplatform

Tel. : + 32 484 88 58 7
1 E-mail:

About connective co
nnective, founded in 2014, quickly became the benchmark in the field of digital transaction management (combining digital identity, dynamic document generation and digital signatures). Scale-up offers solutions to digitize document-oriented processes and easily sign documents electronically. Companies such as BNP Paribas, ING Bank, AG insurance, Belgian mobile ID (Itsme®), Nuon, talentsoft, Toyota, Engie, Ramsay, Grant Thornton, DELA, Pirelli, Bank Delen and many other companies give their full confidence to the solution offered by connective. The company has more than 50 employees. Its headquarters are located in Antwerp (Belgium) and it has a branch in Amsterdam (Netherlands) as well as in Paris (France). For more information, visit the website

Press contact: L
otte van Deyck, marketing & communications for connective
Tel. : + 32 470 93 02 5
5 E-mail:

Automatically create customer requests on SERVICENOW!

We have developed a connector to our SUPPORT APP app that will allow your customers to directly create tickets in SERVICENOW and display the ticket information directly on your multifunction.


  • Automate the escalation of users ‘ incidents by email and/or directly in your ITSM software

Clients ‘ findings

  • Lack of simplicity regarding lifts of support
  • Lack of assistance in creating incidents

Solutions made:

  • Provision of an application installed on the multifunction allowing the client to create a request for assistance directly on the machine.
  • With the app support, the customer is guided throughout the process and retrieves directly by mail a confirmation of his request

You want a demonstration or install the system in your showroom, contact us!

More than a few days before the launch of our E-Signature application

Only a few days before the launch of our E-Signature application. Our application

  • Fully compliant with the Eldas regulations (EU Regulation) and UETAe-sign ACT (USA)
  • Compliant with RGPD standards
  • Eldas Trust Service Provider Certification by LSTI. ETSI TS en 319 401 & TS en 319 102-1-/ISO 27001 Ready
  • The document cannot be altered, falsified or altered
  • Certificate EUTL + timestamp for each signature certificate RGS and Eldas
  • Identity of the signatory, the integrity of the data and the non-repudiation of digitally signed documents

The future of Phygital with Xerox.

Here is a very interesting interview of Marc Fornas on the digitalisation of companies.

The term Phygital makes sense with the digitalization and use of XEROX work assistants


On the same subject, an interview with Xerox CTO Steve Hoover,

The Process of Getting Work Done Has moved from the Desktop to Your Pocket: Steve Strauss Podcast with Steve Hoover and Dragana Pavlovic

Leading Small Business expert Steve Strauss recently sat down with Xerox Chief Technology officer, Steve Hoover, and Xerox Senior VP of Engineering, Dragana Pavlovic, for a podcast to discuss the history of innovation at Xerox. Key to the conversation is how Xerox® ConnectKey® technology helps you rethink the printer, transforming the way you work. Strauss notes that any discussion of innovation at Xerox would be remitted without a nod to Chester Carlson and his invention of xerography, which set the course for Xerox as an industry trailblazer.

Workflows are as Simple as a Swipe on Your Phone

With apps available on smartphones for almost any purpose, do you ever wish you could connect your mobile phone to your multifunction printer? Xerox® ConnectKe has a mobile app for that. Hoover mentions in the podcast that among agile small businesses, apps are essential to how they remain productive and get business done. In fact, some of our sales partners — who are small businesses themselves — even sell apps they've created for use with Xerox multifunction printers.

The Small Business market is an important audience for Xerox. Pavlovic says that's why our user experience designers and engineers connected heavily on input from small business customers while developing ConnectKey. What They discovered is every user — from small business up to enterprise — wants to take advantage of technologies like mobile printing and cloud connectivity. But They don't want to spend half of a day with it trying to figure out how to do it. Thus, the easy, tablet-like touchscreen and app interface for ConnectKey was born.

With Xerox® App Gallery, you can choose which mobile app will make your job easier and help you be more productive. Customize an app to your needs, and make it your own. In the podcast, Pavlovic highlights the scan and convert app which auto-fills expense reports with a simple receipt scan. She also mentions the healthcare app, which easily manages medical records in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment. No matter the industry, ConnectKey has you covered. It's now simple to go from the physical world to the digital world with apps for cloud and mobile connected workflows available in a full range of easily accessible mobile apps.

As the workplace becomes increasingly connected, Xerox has reimagined how work gets done. ConnectKey gives you a choice of more than 40 apps you can easily and securely download from the APP Gallery directly to your device. What's more, you can connect to the Cloudnetwork, without help from a big IT department. Whether you're a small, mid-size business, or a large enterprise, ConnectKey is a smart workplace assistant that makes the complex simple for every day users like yourself.

Check out all the Xerox® Apps that can tailor your MFP to your needs.

Visit the APP Gallery ›

Myworkplatform present at the application Xerox Holland event!

Today we had the opportunity to present all our applications to the different Dutch dealers! SecureID, Digital Communication, Support App, Voice Assistant, Smartscan,… A busy day of thinking about applications! Thanks again to Marcel Wisman and his team Xerox Holland

View videos on Xerox printers with Myworkplatform Digital Communication!

Myworkplatform launches in a few days the new version of Digital Communication with the integration of videos on your Connectkey?

Here's a little video teaser:


Myworkplatform organizes a webinar on the electronic signature on February 7, 2019

Offer your customers a 100% digital and 100% secure signature process from a Xerox multifunction with Myworkplatform & connective

More information on this page: