How Interparking transformed one of its business workflows

The Open Concession and its strategic partner MyworkPlatform have combined their expertise to enable Interparking to respond to an operational problem and thus simplify one of its business processes!

The initial objective was to facilitate the documentary exchanges with their clients. How do you wonder? Let us explain in more detail…

Before you benefit from the solution

The receipt of requests several steps, requiring multiple tasks: telephone reception the application for a rental, then preparation of a paper contract, visit of the client to the agency in order to sign the so-called contract, and finally archiving paper from the latter. The processing times for these different steps were long and several days passed. In addition, the client often had additional requests once they arrived on site, which triggered the again a relaunch of the process at its starting point…

Time saving and efficiency Operational… on the way to a new Digital process!

In order to save time for Interparking and its customers, we have been working on a solution electronic signature, designed by MyWork Platform.

In this case the workflow was entirely dematerialized and personalized through the integration of webservices within the Interparking's business application.

From now on, Interparking's advisor is in able to capture the customer's request in real time, prepare a contract that is sent electronically with a system e-mail authentication. Probation value signature workflow starts then and, at the end of the day, both the client and the advisor receive a real-time acknowledgement indicating the signature or possible refusal to sign.

Once the document is signed, it is automatically indexed and electronically archived in the business software society.

Overall processing times have been reduced by 30% and both productivity and process integrity are significantly improved. The service provided is more professional and the rate of filling the car parks through reservations is increased.

This solution can also be integrated Xerox MPS offered by Open, and then also generate a signature workflow for a document scanned from the MFP.

Xerox multifunctions become more than just copiers and printers, they are at the center of flow convergence and process optimization!

"We are the company Interparking France (parking lot management) and to facilitate the management of our customer contracts and thus remove the paper version of the contracts, we have approached the companies Open – MyWorkPlatform to combine their digital signature solution. We have long been looking for a provider with an offer that can be easily integrated via web service.
In addition to subscriber contracts we also use their solution for any other internal or external document that requires signature.
The MyWorkPlatform combination with our AKIS subscriber management solution was very easy in less than a month (testing and putting it into production). Their team was very responsive and knew very easily to adapt to our needs."

Joel Deschatres – IT Manager – Interparking Australia
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