• Simplified user experience
    • 5 authentication modes (badge reader (1), NFC, QRCODE, SMS, identifiers)
    • 6 features (copy, scan, print, translation, audio, signature)
    • Web access to its custom space (files, credits, authorization,…)
  • Simplified administration
    • Centralized reporting
    • Simplified user management (AD synchronization possible)
    • Manage different permissions by user group (ACL)
    • Credit management (for self-service)
  • storage
    • Dedicated and secure cloud storage space included (1gb)
    • Access to different clouds (Google drive, dropbox, one drive) with local SSO (2) or cloud.
    • Access to a redundant local share (RAID 1) (3)
    • Externalised legal archiving (4) (ISO 14641, HIPAA, EIDAS,..)

(1) If box option
(2) If box option, otherwise SSO on the clou
d (3) if BOX option, includes 3.5 TB basic storag
e (4) ISO 14641 compliance (in the process of being certified), HIPAA compliance, EiDAS, MOM 151 (Mexico), Conservazione Sostituva (Italiy)