The future of Phygital with Xerox.

Here is a very interesting interview of Marc Fornas on the digitalisation of companies.

The term Phygital makes sense with the digitalization and use of XEROX work assistants


On the same subject, an interview with Xerox CTO Steve Hoover,

The Process of Getting Work Done Has moved from the Desktop to Your Pocket: Steve Strauss Podcast with Steve Hoover and Dragana Pavlovic

Leading Small Business expert Steve Strauss recently sat down with Xerox Chief Technology officer, Steve Hoover, and Xerox Senior VP of Engineering, Dragana Pavlovic, for a podcast to discuss the history of innovation at Xerox. Key to the conversation is how Xerox® ConnectKey® technology helps you rethink the printer, transforming the way you work. Strauss notes that any discussion of innovation at Xerox would be remitted without a nod to Chester Carlson and his invention of xerography, which set the course for Xerox as an industry trailblazer.

Workflows are as Simple as a Swipe on Your Phone

With apps available on smartphones for almost any purpose, do you ever wish you could connect your mobile phone to your multifunction printer? Xerox® ConnectKe has a mobile app for that. Hoover mentions in the podcast that among agile small businesses, apps are essential to how they remain productive and get business done. In fact, some of our sales partners — who are small businesses themselves — even sell apps they've created for use with Xerox multifunction printers.

The Small Business market is an important audience for Xerox. Pavlovic says that's why our user experience designers and engineers connected heavily on input from small business customers while developing ConnectKey. What They discovered is every user — from small business up to enterprise — wants to take advantage of technologies like mobile printing and cloud connectivity. But They don't want to spend half of a day with it trying to figure out how to do it. Thus, the easy, tablet-like touchscreen and app interface for ConnectKey was born.

With Xerox® App Gallery, you can choose which mobile app will make your job easier and help you be more productive. Customize an app to your needs, and make it your own. In the podcast, Pavlovic highlights the scan and convert app which auto-fills expense reports with a simple receipt scan. She also mentions the healthcare app, which easily manages medical records in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment. No matter the industry, ConnectKey has you covered. It's now simple to go from the physical world to the digital world with apps for cloud and mobile connected workflows available in a full range of easily accessible mobile apps.

As the workplace becomes increasingly connected, Xerox has reimagined how work gets done. ConnectKey gives you a choice of more than 40 apps you can easily and securely download from the APP Gallery directly to your device. What's more, you can connect to the Cloudnetwork, without help from a big IT department. Whether you're a small, mid-size business, or a large enterprise, ConnectKey is a smart workplace assistant that makes the complex simple for every day users like yourself.

Check out all the Xerox® Apps that can tailor your MFP to your needs.

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Myworkplatform present at the application Xerox Holland event!

Today we had the opportunity to present all our applications to the different Dutch dealers! SecureID, Digital Communication, Support App, Voice Assistant, Smartscan,… A busy day of thinking about applications! Thanks again to Marcel Wisman and his team Xerox Holland

View videos on Xerox printers with Myworkplatform Digital Communication!

Myworkplatform launches in a few days the new version of Digital Communication with the integration of videos on your Connectkey?

Here's a little video teaser:


Myworkplatform organizes a webinar on the electronic signature on February 7, 2019

Offer your customers a 100% digital and 100% secure signature process from a Xerox multifunction with Myworkplatform & connective

More information on this page:

Scan and print your Amazon Workdocs documents directly from a XEROX multifunction

Amazon WorkDocs is a secure, fully managed content creation, management and collaboration service with an extensible SDK that works on AWS.

With Amazon WorkDocs, all your files are stored on a service. Users can create content, share files, provide feedback, and access their files on WorkDocs from any device. WorkDocs encrypts data in transit and rest and provides powerful management controls, Active Directory integration, and near-real-time visibility of file and user actions. The WorkDocs SDK allows you to use the same AWS tools you already know to integrate WorkDocs with AWS products and services, your existing solutions, third-party applications, or create your own. You don't have to worry about deploying updates, or patching software, and you can size users and storage in just a few clicks. WorkDocs offers low and gradual pricing for users and storage, and no charges for API calls. The service is offered with no initial commitment or long-term contract.

Available now in standard version on the XEROX app Gallery (HTTPS://APPGALLERY.SERVICES.XEROX.COM/#!/HOME/APP-DETAILS/1FA1BE51-59E4-4DBA-8371-0BEA356248CD) or in Premium version (SLA)