Scan and print your Amazon Workdocs documents directly from a XEROX multifunction

Amazon WorkDocs is a secure, fully managed content creation, management and collaboration service with an extensible SDK that works on AWS.

With Amazon WorkDocs, all your files are stored on a service. Users can create content, share files, provide feedback, and access their files on WorkDocs from any device. WorkDocs encrypts data in transit and rest and provides powerful management controls, Active Directory integration, and near-real-time visibility of file and user actions. The WorkDocs SDK allows you to use the same AWS tools you already know to integrate WorkDocs with AWS products and services, your existing solutions, third-party applications, or create your own. You don't have to worry about deploying updates, or patching software, and you can size users and storage in just a few clicks. WorkDocs offers low and gradual pricing for users and storage, and no charges for API calls. The service is offered with no initial commitment or long-term contract.

Available now in standard version on the XEROX app Gallery (HTTPS://APPGALLERY.SERVICES.XEROX.COM/#!/HOME/APP-DETAILS/1FA1BE51-59E4-4DBA-8371-0BEA356248CD) or in Premium version (SLA)