(1) Pack start, limited to 5 images – Basic Pack unlimited images and limited to 5 videos – Pack Plus – Unlimited pictures & videos
(2) Pack start, limited to 1 support app – Basic Pack limited to 5 support app – Pack Plus unlimited buttons
(3) Basic Pack, 2 signatures / month – Pack Plus 10 signatures per month – The number of signatures is distributed throughout the entity
(4) Basic Pack, limited to 1 survey per month – Unlimited Survey Plus Pack

Our Applications included in our packs

Office App

App that allows you to:
– Scan documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint in an unlimited way thanks to ABBYY technology.
– Send these documents to the various market clouds (Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive,… The single authentication (SSO) allows you not to have to re-authenticate for each action.
– To send these documents via WETRANSFER for large files for example.

Widgets are also available for this application from the Basic offer

An application that transforms a document that is bound by staples (or any other removable binding) into an A4 document. This makes it possible to transform the document format (A3 folded in 2 to an A4 PDF, an A4 document folded in 2 (A5) to an A4 PDF,…)

Blank page cutting
This option allows, when the stack of documents to be scanned is large, to separate the different documents. Once you have inserted a blank page as a separator between each expected file, you can start scanning the entire stack at once. The application will make it a different file each time it is separated.

Duplex Scan to Duplex PDF
This widget allows you to scan them all at once from a stack of Duplex documents and obtain as many duplex PDF documents as scanned documents.

Summary of documents
This application allows you to summarize a scanned document and receive it summarized by email or save it summarized on the cloud space of your choice.

MP3 App

This application allows you to obtain an audio file from a scanned document to the cloud of your choice or by email). This can be very useful for anyone who has to read a document that is quite long, or who lacks time and can save time by listening to it in his car, in the subway, or at home.

Translate App

This application allows, from a scanned document, to obtain the same file in another language (40 languages available), and this, without distorting the presentation of the document.

Digital Communication

This application allows you to display information on the screen on multifunction devices (in the form of images, tweets or videos).

This improves internal communication within the company and simplifies communication with users in the event of maintenance or technical problems, for example.

Support App

App that allows the user to create a support request directly on the machine he is using. He is guided through the support process, and receives a confirmation of his request by email.

Reported incidents can also be directly entered in your support and ticket software (ServiceNow, glpi, XSM,…)

Esign App

This application allows you to scan a document and sign it digitally.
It allows you to create signature flows since very often, several signatures are required (provision of an address book).
It is possible to determine the order in which the document will be signed (for example, my client, my Sales Manager and then myself).
With Mywork ESign, the way to sign and the appropriate security level can be chosen according to the type of document, the associated risks and the user’s choice.

Survey App

This application allows the administrator to create surveys that will be available on his multifunction devices.
Users will be able to respond directly from the multifunction screen.
Statistics are then available to analyze the results anonymously in order to respect the rights of use of private data (GDRP). The user may also decide not to respond to a survey.

Easy – Follow Me


  • There are several ways to authenticate yourself
    • With your smartphone from the mobile application:
      • Via a QRCODE to be scanned
      • Via the NFC technology (contactless) that is included in the entire Xerox range (Altalink & Versalink) Via an SMS
      • With a username and password.
  • With to a badge if you have a badge reader (not included natively on the Xerox range)

Usage report and management of usage rights

Following authentication, you can output a usage report per user, per printer group, per printer,…
For the administrator, this makes it easier to manage users, he can control and optimize the costs of use by assigning different user rights (for example, force double-sided and black & white printing for the accounting department, authorize A3 color printing to the marketing manager, etc.)

In order to limit waste due to unnecessary printing and to promote the confidentiality of printed documents, the followme option allows print jobs to be released only in the presence of the user concerned in front of the machine.