With Myworkplatform & connective, electronically sign your documents from Xerox printers.

Thanks to the partnership between Myworkplatform and connective, it is now possible to affix an electronic signature on a document directly from a Xerox printer

Atlanta – [07/05/2019] – Mywork E-sign is now available on the Xerox ecommerce platform. This new application allows you to electronically sign documents on all Xerox printers. To do this, Myworkplatform, a Xerox certified developer, has chosen the connective eSignatures electronic signature solution.

Your Xerox printer makes your digital transition easier

In a constantly evolving digital world, companies invest a lot in the digital transformation of their operations in order to optimize and secure the flow of documents and information within the organization. Despite great advances in this area, paper still predominates for many documents such as contracts, invoices, receipts, etc. Moving to the cloud to manage these documents remains a constraint and a challenge for many companies.

It was in this context that Xerox wondered how traditional printing companies could foster this innovation among their customers and make it a key part of their strategy. Adopting a new approach, Xerox has expanded its portfolio of services to complement its paper offerings with digital services to improve workflows across many organizations. The latest in this innovative offer, the Mywork E-sign solution, developed by Myworkplatform. This feature allows companies with a Xerox printer to scan paper documents and immediately affix an electronic signature to them directly from the device. Xerox will greatly facilitate the task of companies wishing to digitize all documents still received on paper.

Guillaume Tilleul, CEO of Myworkplatform, explains:

“Despite the growing popularity of digital documents, printing solutions are often very obsolete. Xerox is now the first company in the world to offer such an innovative solution for electronic signature of documents on a printer. »

Use cases

The Mywork E-sign app can now be downloaded from the Xerox application Gallery. Once downloaded, it is automatically installed on the Xerox printer. Very simple to configure, it is then ready to use.

When you receive a paper document, it’s easy to scan it on the Xerox printer. The worker concerned can sign it immediately in the Mywork E-sign application, or send it to one or more people to sign it. The Mywork E-sign application allows you to select multiple signature modes and different levels of security depending on the type of document, the experience of the user concerned and the associated risks.

It is no longer necessary to manually sign, scan, or print documents. The entire signature stream is digitally managed by the Xerox printer, and it is possible to archive documents immediately in the cloud.

This innovative solution is available for all types of companies. Myworkplatform also provides a set of professional services to directly integrate electronic signatures into your signature streams using the Myworkplatform Web services.

Mywork E-sign was developed by Myworkplatform in close collaboration with connective

For the Mywork E-Sign feature, Myworkplatfom chose connective’s eSignatures solution.

“This solution respects, even beyond, some of the strictest safety standards in the United States, the European Union and the world: the RGPD, the eIDAS regulation, the UETA law and the e-sign law. Thus, we are able to guarantee that the documents cannot be altered or falsified. In addition, connective puts the user experience at the heart of the design of its solutions, which allows us to offer the highest level of security, without compromising the ease of use, concludes Guillaume Tilleul.

Magali Biron, marketing and partnerships Director:

At connective, our goal is to provide our clients with the appropriate solutions to succeed in their digital transformation, a vision we share with Myworkplatform and Xerox. The launch of Mywork E-sign is a perfect match to this ambition as it allows all Xerox customers to electronically sign their documents with a legal signature, all from their Xerox printer. »

About Myworkplatform

Myworkplatform is one of nine developers of the Xerox certified personal Builder (PAB) program, thanks to which, since 2015, Xerox has benefited its customers from its long experience in offering ready-to-use or customized solutions on its Printers. These tools are designed to take full advantage of Xerox printers and to make every user, regardless of their function, benefit from a high level of ease of use. For more information, visit the website https://www.myworkplatform.com

Press contact:

Guillaume Tilleul, CEO of Myworkplatform

Tel. : + 32 484 88 58 7
1 E-mail: gti@myworkplatform.net

About connective co
nnective, founded in 2014, quickly became the benchmark in the field of digital transaction management (combining digital identity, dynamic document generation and digital signatures). Scale-up offers solutions to digitize document-oriented processes and easily sign documents electronically. Companies such as BNP Paribas, ING Bank, AG insurance, Belgian mobile ID (Itsme®), Nuon, talentsoft, Toyota, Engie, Ramsay, Grant Thornton, DELA, Pirelli, Bank Delen and many other companies give their full confidence to the solution offered by connective. The company has more than 50 employees. Its headquarters are located in Antwerp (Belgium) and it has a branch in Amsterdam (Netherlands) as well as in Paris (France). For more information, visit the website www.connective.eu

Press contact: L
otte van Deyck, marketing & communications for connective
Tel. : + 32 470 93 02 5
5 E-mail: lotte.vandeyck@connective.eu

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